Photo of Samantha Harris.Dear Fellow Rotarians,

I am honored to be serving as your President of The Rotary Club of Wilmington. In planning my goals for the year, I was excited to learn of 2017-2018 Rotary International President Ian Riseley’s theme “Rotary: Making a Difference,” which reflects much of what I hope to accomplish.

Our club has an average of 200 members and 25 committees, with a wealth of knowledge and ability among us. As The Rotary Club of the City of Wilmington, I feel strongly it is our responsibility to not only help each other as Rotarians, but also help our service area. I firmly believe the founding principles of Rotary remain particularly relevant today and we should all honor the values of the 4-WAY Test.

We have an incredible groundwork for us to be both proud of and a part of, but we need to work better, and do better. This year, I ask each of you to make the time, honor the commitment, and be a better Rotarian, so we can make a difference. Let’s give all we can together to better our club and help our community.

Throughout my term, I will encourage you to:

Be engaged – Regularly attend weekly meetings, actively work on committees, attend social functions, and network with your fellow Rotarians.

Be informed – Recognize and honor Rotary International standards and traditions, and utilize the guidelines and goals of our club.

Give and volunteer – Be generous with your money and your time.

Advocate membership – Be a proud Rotarian and invest in the growth of our club. Work to increase membership to ensure we have a lasting effect on our community.

Among my chief goals are to improve our club functions with the ideals above, update all club materials, expand cross-communication at the committee level, implement agenda time limits, have members share a weekly “Why Rotary?” minute, and integrate the 4-WAY Test into our meetings and code of ethics.

Our Rotary club and Rotary International both have a strong legacy, and both deserve our commitment to keep that legacy alive and continue to make an impact in our community. Please help me fulfill my goals for this Rotary year.

Thank you for being a Rotarian.

Samantha Diedrick Harris
President 2017-2018